Composite Can

NTS Corporation always creates special packaging to become a reality

Composite can is a tin can whose main ingredient is kraft paper. Has advantages: Elastic body is not easily dented, anti-bacterial, anti-rust, lighter and practical, waterproof and air, environmentally friendly, more attractive appearance with a variety of labels, economical prices and more stable.

Composite Can can be used for packaging:
Food products: biscuits, snacks, cereals, dried foods, shredded beans, herbs, sweets, chocolate, coffee, tea, powder, seasoning, chocolate, potato chips, pop corn, wine, bird food, cat food, fish food, food dogs and others.
Non-food products: waterproofing, grease, water base paint, chemicals, shuttle cock, garment, piggy bank, promotional material, stationery, cosmetics and others.

NTS Corporation serves requests in large and small quantities based on the product variants that we already have.

NTS Corporation provides various types of packaging that can be selected according to customer needs. The diameters currently available start at 56, 65, 73, 84, 99, 110, 122, 126, 135, 152 mm


Teatone® – More than Tea


Teatone tea brewing technology

The procedure of tea brewing has now become more aesthetic and easy – you lower the stick into a cup, pour the boiling water, stir and let 2–3 minutes of brewing for the drink of the best quality to be ready! Then you just get the stick out of the cup. Unlike with the teabag, it does not need to be pressed, and since it does not make drops, it can be simply put next to the cup.


OEM – Private Label Premium Wet Tissue


Paper Size :

Wipe Size range from 120mm to 300mm

Available Paper Types :

•    100% Biodegradable Paper
•    FSC Certified Paper
•    Tear Resistant Paper
•    Wood Pulp Paper
•    Extra Thick & Strong Paper

Available Packaging Format :

•    ( 1s ) One piece per packaging – Individual wrapped
•    Multi-pulls packaging ( Resealable ) – range from 5, 10, 15, 30, 50, 80, 100 to 120 sheets per pack

Packaging Design :

•    Almost all our packaging are designed in-house
•    This service is also available to you upon request

Market Segments That We Served :

Users from these segments are importing wet wipes on monthly, quarterly or yearly basis

•    Baby

•    Adult

•    Foodservices

•    Hospitals

•    Kitchen

•    Airlines

•    Hotels

•    Household

•    Lifestyle

•    Pet

•    Personal Care

•    Automobile

Standard Formula :

Customer may choose one or combine a few of the following :

•    Antibacterial (99.99% efficacy)

•    Organic Aloe Vera

•    Organic Chamomile Extract

•    100% Alcohol Free

•    Food Contact Safe

•    Chlorhexidine Gluconate (0.5% – 4%)

•    70% Alcohol

•    pH Balance

•    Extra Moisturizing

•    Hypoallergenic

•    Sunscreen SPF 30 – SPF 50

•    Deet Free Insect Repellent

International Compliance Standards :

Our produces are adhered to one or all of the following international standards.

Product certification is available for your product upon request with extra charges.

•    US FDA

•    ASTM

•    CE (Conformitē Europēenne)

•    ASEAN Cosmetic Directive

•    China GB

•    ISO



TISANE or “HERBAL TEA” is one of major influencer for new generation tea drinker to enjoy the teas. Although some still not considered as not technically tea in its origin, BANKITWANGI TISANE Blends uses Tea as its base. Tisane teas can be served Hot or Cold ,Herbal teas Origin dates back to Ancient China and Egypt, where Tisanes drunk for both Enjoyment and as medicinal purpose.

In BANKITWANGI TISANE All of our Organic teas and its spice material is sourced locally grown from Organic Certified Plantation. The principle of Healthy tea is kept with clear concious and purity of Organic products.   

This time we present 10 Range of Organic TISANE tea product for BANKITWANGI TISANE Tea Line



BANKITWANGI is the Premium tea Brand originated from Indonesia, All of our Organic teas is locally grown from Organic Certiffied Tea Plantation. The principle of Healthy tea is tea that is made without any outside chemicals, naturally grown in kept clean location, harvested and produced locally .   

The tea product ranges from Single Origin Teas to Classic Heritage Blend dan Tisane series with a wide range rich flavour healthy organic tea.